Ibanez ValBee E-Guitar Combo,all tube, 5 Watt,with each 1x 6L6GC and 12AX7 Tube, active EQ´s, RControll for Gain - Bass - Middle - Treble - Presence - Volumen, Output forHeadphone/Line out, Send and return, Switch for Standbye and Boost, Valve Powered output for Tube Distortion, High Gain Distortion for Heavy-Rock-Guitarplayers

Is it any good?It comes with an gibson sg standard at a lower price...this makes me suspicious
It's a cheap low wattage valve amp, go and try one out.

Are you planning on buying the SG?
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I've always wanted to get one. I came by one about six months ago on eBay but some guy bought it for Buy it Now before I got a shipping quote.

I'm a bit weary to buy it without actually playing it or hearing any decent clips though.