my hands tend to get sweaty alot when i play. this is bad because:

1. it is slowing me down a tad when i play guitar for extended amounts of time.
2. girls dont like to hold hands with sweaty palms (but thats a diffrent thread..)

so anyway. is there anything i can do to help me. and should i be wiping down my neck too? (maple neck, satin finish, rosewood fingerboard)
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I don't know of much you can do about having sweaty palms. Some people just perspire more than others, but definitely wipe down the guitar to help keep some of the grunge and grime from collecting on it.
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I have naturally sweaty hands, my hands are cold and clammy no matter what I do. Makes me rust through strings real quick. Give your strings a good wipedown after you finish playing, and wash your hands. That should dry them up enough for the ladies.