i didnt know where to post this, but is this a problem for anyone else?

all these kids who listen to "country" music, and ocnsider themselves....umm, country&westerners but all the knowedge of that genre is The Shitty Ass Dukes Of Hazzard Movie, Big and Rich's stupid song save a horse, ride a cowboy, and walk the line?

not that the big and rich song isn't immensly catchy but....

and not that walk the line was bad, like johnny cash wasnt even country that much, he was country blues.

like in my city, and county, this is a giant problem, well, to me it is, it bothers me, cause i actually enjoy some country music, my favorite is probly Brad Paisley.

but, ugh. makes me angry, any comments on this situation?
There are posers in every genre. When all you have to do is buy a CD and a hat, it's remarkably easy to pose as country-folk.

However, if you can take that passing interest in country music and turn it into an actual, active appreciation for the art form that it should be (good country music is a stupid is simplicity, if nothing else), then you've done something mighty.

Just sayin'.

but kids today just have too much ADD to do that, like, myself can be included in that, but in a different way, i cant concentrate myself on to one musical genre me and my band want to do, and sometimes i feel liek i could communicate better if iwere just vocals instead of vocals and guitar (its a 3peice)

i dont know, i sorta feel bad that kids can be so manitulated by consumerism today...