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so apparently i messed up the last thread?
i don't know what i did wrong, but the poll didn't work?
so. uh. yeah. here's the new thread. that will work. i hope.

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Sharpened Stick, a Spear

But she doesn’t want anything at all
Except a feast in her banquet hall
She can invite all of her friend
And eat merrily until the end
And when it comes, they’ll sing all the songs
They used to sing when they were young
But that was many years ago
When no one had heard of white snow

And the dogs are howling
And the branches are scratching on her window
Tapping, wanting in, please, it’s cold out here
I bring my peace offering, a sharpened stick, a spear
And off with her head
And the snowman bled
The hunter is dead

i am no stranger to the chaos theory.

i woke up and butterflies spilled out from beneath my eyelids.
they flew down my throat and my lungs exploded
into thousands of jigsaw pieces.
breathless, i stumbled through spider webs
into a room washed in deep blue light,
and the cold december wind was muted in the air.
there was a dyslexic piano playing itself,
filling my bones with backwards chords.
i opened my mouth to sing,
and the music poured back out through my lips
in reverse, the way that it was meant to be heard.
the notes slid over my tongue, and for a second,
i tasted rapture.

I just want to sleep forever.

Blue - I must commend the imagery from dyslexia to painos and tunes.
Wanna feel divine? Light candles around a dark and abondoned room, then play your guitar.
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were you just trying to get your post count up?

i went with purple, wait, blue, wait, purple... ya..hard choice but purple
can i choose mauve?
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