Hi I'm not a fan at all of musicals and I'm in an argument with a friend of mine, and I wanted to know if in musicals, in general, do they actually sing live? Or do they lip sync? Thanks in advance
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They sing. Trust me, I'm stage managing a musical, and there is alot of rehearsals dedicated to singing, not to mention, not to mention the live headset microphones that go on the actors, the live floor mics, etc.
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alright cool thanks, would this apply to all the real big musicals on broadway such as wicked or whatever its called? or would they justs sing studio version, and then lip sync live?
It's all live. Props to them for being able to sing and dance and keep their breath and stay on key. But I just cant get into them very much.
If they didn't sing wouldn't it defeat the purpose of live performance?

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