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20 61%
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Voters: 33.
I think this is the right place, being that Musician's Friend deals in products.

Anyway, I was recently looking at Musician's Friend, reading reviews for amps and classical guitars. And I noticed that the reviews are conflicting. In a review for cheaper Crate amp, one reviewer stated "This amp is just like the lead guitarist's Marshall, which is twice the price", and another one stated "this amp can be noisy if at higher volumes".

And the review on that site for my current guitar, one said it's "exactly like a $2,000 guitar!". Yeah, it's great and versatile, and I love it. But if that's what $2,000 got me, wow. Glad I only spent $550.

Are the reviews on there one bit credible? Some products, it's nothing but good news. Yet if I come here, they'll say the exact opposite. Take the MG15DFX, for example.

On Ultimate Guitar:

There's more bang for the buck. The tone sucks, overdrive is lacking, FX aren't too good.

On Musician's Friend:

You can't get more for the price, sounds great at full volume, and clean and O/D channels are amazing.

Do you think it's a credible source for reviews?
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Blah, I voted yes before reading the post. But no, don't go by their reviews. A lot of people like to think that whatever they bought is great so that they don't regret it buying it.
NO WAY MAN!!! those bastards filter out the bad reviews and such. and it seems the people that like the products dont know much about guitar and so for that reason would be happy with almost anything.
I think I found a trick to reading online reviews. Find the worst reviews of a product, and see if it sounds all that bad. But if it comes from someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, well, you know...
Sometimes those reviews are written when someone first got the product and it seems very good. Or sometimes they're planted by companies.
By the way, NEVER believe reviews from magazines. They're ALWAYS secretly advertisements.
Online large majority rulings usually can be trusted.

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musiciansfriend is good for giving you an organized list of products and their details. Also the visuals are very helpful when looking for certain things. the review however are pretty bad on average. harmony central is much better. i think its best to use MF, HC, and different guitar forums to gather information on items. using just one isnt really that effective.
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It really depends on the item, and the reviewers' personal opinions. Personally, I would say that UG has more credible reviews, because Musician's Friend is really for just the big-name guitar companies, and UG users probably have a more versatile knowledge of products.
Oh crap!
dont put too much stock in any review, anywhere. Especially customer reviews
and ug users arent better than the people that buy from musicians friend
On musiciansfriend, you have to read the reviews and look at the ones that seem the most balanced. No piece of equipment is perfect, and the more flowery and glowing the review (or needlessly angry and full of spite), the greater the chance that it's bogus. Product reviews are certainly no subsitute for "try before you buy", though.
Oh... I voted yes too oops should have had the question in the Poll Title not just your post.

I go and look at the worst reviews anywhere. If the worst review is by some idiot that gave it all ones because they don't like it but the rest are all average to good I'll think about buying it. That goes for anything I buy online. I do that here too. I don't care what people who gave it anything above it an 8. I want to know what is wrong with it not what they like. People give things too good of reviews. I personally think no squire should have above a 7 because there are always things wrong with it. I don't care if you got that awesome one that is the 1 in a million guitars manufactured. I don't think there is a product that should get 10's either. I ignore all 10's right off the bat because they don't actually review it they say I got it and so should you. I guess if I do find that product that I can have 10 different people sit down with it for 6 months and find out whatever is wrong with it and make sure it is good actually give it a 10 then I'd trust it... I don't think I'll ever give a product a 10...

I did give a 10 on a strap that is awesome on guitar center, maybe... Its a dunlop strap and I think back on that review and I should not have done that because it stays on tight but I can't get the thing off quickly. It takes me 5 minutes because it is so tight on there and that can be kinda bad I guess.
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You're better off asking people on UG or seeing the reviews on harmony central. The reviews for musicianfriend's is somewhat credible.

Take my ec-1000 for example , great guitar.
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always try something out for yourself. researching something is good, but always try it at a local shop if its posible. never trust someones opinion over the internet. trust your own ear. it could be a 11 year old kid that wouldnt know good if it was clamped to his nutsack. also too many fanboys out there. not to mention the scorned idiot that couldnt afford the better gear so all the sudden that thing sucks. or they simply dont understand how to use it properly. not to mention all the other idiots that listen to one of those previously mentioned idiots and it all spreads like wildfires.
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dont put too much stock in any review, anywhere. Especially customer reviews

Pretty safe assessment. Once someone buys something, they want others to buy it, too, to feel justified in their purchase. I think most user reviews are bloated.

That said, a product with a lot of reviews and an average rating over 9.x will get my attention, while one that rates below an 8 will probably lead me to be wary.
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I trust musicians friend over the UG reviews, any day.

Just pick any guitar or amp you KNOW is horrible, and read the UG reviews.

I find that reviews that are really long are usually more trustworthy, because the reviewers has really thought about it, and knows a lot about the product.
A lot of people that write reviews write them within the first few days, in the 'honeymoon period'. They're over the moon with their new item and want to tell everybody. Be more trusting of reviews where the owner claims to have owned the object for a longer time, as they will obviously be out of the 'honeymoon period' and you can also get insight onto how well it lasts. And use common sense too. A $500 guitar will never equal a $2000 guitar unless the $500 one is a homemade beast and the $2000 one is a poor example of a Gibson.
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