well,ive been in a couple bands,some worked out,others still doing,and some just died....i decided that im tired of all the shit and chose to start over on a fresh page.....and I been doing some acoustical things lately,and maybe i am going to actually start taking it serious,i havnt recorded or made a myspace or purevolume,right now its just a project,but soon i will be serious about this,but I figure I just keep on writing and playing for some time and my friend has a studio in his basement,so i figure i record some songs,throw together a myspace,maybe a small ep, and then maybe do a gig here or there,i dont wanna rush anything cause thats stupid to do that,make a myspace,gigging and whatnot when you are not good yet or havnt rehearsed enough......well i would just like to say that and any feedback would be nice,i plan on being mostly a one person band(Andrew Zerick) and maybe having buddies sing with me on some or play,sounds pretty good,i got severeal songs written already