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I've searched all over google, and I cannot find anything on this guitar. My dad gave me his old 1983 (not entirely sure if that's the year) D-37 Martin a year ago, so I was wondering about the history on this guitar and what it's value is. All, I know about this guitar is that they don't make it anymore (obviously). Can anyone provide me with a link with some info on this guitar?
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I'm not going to bother looking anything up on it, but I can promis you that if it's in really good condition it will be worth at least a thousand. Maybe more. Maybe a lot more. The 80's were not a good time for acoustic guitars, but I'm guessing your guitar has a solid rosewood back, spruce top, and some kind of fancy design that made it more expensive than the d32 at the time. If it's in Pretty good to good condition it'll be worth a lot less, but still a valuble instrument.
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