Poll: do you download an album or buy it?
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Buy it.
32 78%
Download it.
9 22%
Voters: 41.
im just wondering, if you really love a band and respect the music that they are making, do you go out and but theyre album, or do you just download it off the internet?
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i never download of the internet. it just seems so "incomplete". i like having the actual CD and artwork.
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I download it, don't care how much I like the band, they don't get enough money anyway from the albums, so I support them by going to their shows, and buying merch.
I too like owning the CD, however I sometimes download a couple of songs to see what a band is like before buying the CD
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I buy all my Cds, no matter what. I hate downloading off the internet.
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I don't buy albums cause I can't afford to. If I don't download it, I just don't listen to it. Such is the case with Bach's Mass in B Minor (but that's in the public domain anyway...).

I used to buy albums several years ago and now I regret it because of all the money I could have saved and used for a guitar or some recording equipment.
I buy the album if I like a majority of the album. I wish I could've downloaded some songs off of St. Anger before I bought that waste of $17
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I'm proud to say that I've bought every CD that I own.

Well...... there are some songs that were are available for download or are from some compilation album that's impossible to find, like Weird Al's "You're Pitiful", Children of Bodom's cover of "Aces High", etc.
I used to download music, but now I just like having the CDs. I think occasional filesharing is okay if you're introducing yourself or someone you know to a band. I think of that more as advertising than I do stealing.

The only reason I feel filesharing is wrong is because the father of an old friend of mine is a well-known songwriter (wrote "Genie in a Bottle", stuff like that) and once filesharing came around, they lost a bunch of money. If you don't feel like paying 15 bucks for a CD (which most of us don't) just pay a few bucks for it at a used CD store or buy it used off of Amazon or eBay. That's what I do.
If it is an album that I really want, I go and buy it for the instantaneous listening, but if it is something I can wait for, I download. My computer is pretty slow, or else I would probably just download everything.
I feel like such a **** when I download an underground artist album, but it dosn't bother me to much if I download, say a Beatles or Led Zeppelin album, because they have sold many records, and don't need all that much support.
I usually buy it. 'Cause I feel bad, especially if it's not a well-known artist.
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i normaly just download a few songs from a band, and if i like em ill go buy there cd's, you cant get all the songs of some cd's just from limewire etc.
I download a song. If a love it, I download more. If I love all the songs, I download tonnes of their songs before going out and getting the albums. That way, I know that I'm going to get good music and support bands that I really like.
On a download related topic, do people think that it's wrong to download songs from bands who aren't likely to get back together, like Death or Nirvana?
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I download it, don't care how much I like the band, they don't get enough money anyway from the albums, so I support them by going to their shows, and buying merch.

you know album sales numbers determine A LOT. think about it.
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for those interested, http://www.free-culture.cc/freecontent/

a GREAT, FREE book about copyright, and other things. here's an excerpt concerning music piracy. it should explain things to everyone:

"File sharers share different kinds of content. We can divide these
different kinds into four types.
A. There are some who use sharing networks as substitutes for purchasing
content. Thus, when a new Madonna CD is released,
rather than buying the CD, these users simply take it.We might
quibble about whether everyone who takes it would actually
have bought it if sharing didn’t make it available for free. Most
probably wouldn’t have, but clearly there are some who would.
The latter are the target of category A: users who download instead
of purchasing.
B. There are some who use sharing networks to sample music before
purchasing it. Thus, a friend sends another friend an MP3 of an
artist he’s not heard of. The other friend then buys CDs by that
artist. This is a kind of targeted advertising, quite likely to succeed.
If the friend recommending the album gains nothing from
a bad recommendation, then one could expect that the recommendations
will actually be quite good. The net effect of this
sharing could increase the quantity of music purchased.
C. There are many who use sharing networks to get access to copyrighted
content that is no longer sold or that they would not
have purchased because the transaction costs off the Net are too
high. This use of sharing networks is among the most rewarding
for many. Songs that were part of your childhood but have
long vanished from the marketplace magically appear again on
the network. (One friend told me that when she discovered
Napster, she spent a solid weekend “recalling” old songs. She
was astonished at the range and mix of content that was available.)
For content not sold, this is still technically a violation of
copyright, though because the copyright owner is not selling the
content anymore, the economic harm is zero—the same harm
that occurs when I sell my collection of 1960s 45-rpm records to
a local collector.
D. Finally, there are many who use sharing networks to get access
to content that is not copyrighted or that the copyright owner
wants to give away.

How do these different types of sharing balance out?
Let’s start with some simple but important points. From the perspective
of the law, only type D sharing is clearly legal. From the
perspective of economics, only type A sharing is clearly harmful.9
Type B sharing is illegal but plainly beneficial. Type C sharing is illegal,
yet good for society (since more exposure to music is good) and
harmless to the artist (since the work is not otherwise available). So
how sharing matters on balance is a hard question to answer—and certainly
much more difficult than the current rhetoric around the issue
Whether on balance sharing is harmful depends importantly on
how harmful type A sharing is. Just as Edison complained about Hollywood,
composers complained about piano rolls, recording artists
complained about radio, and broadcasters complained about cable TV,
the music industry complains that type A sharing is a kind of “theft”
that is “devastating” the industry."

hope that helps someone.
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I start by downloading, if I like a song, Ill take a couple more from the album, and if I like the majority I go out and buy the album.

Basically, you shouldve had a "both" option.
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I download to sample a few songs, and listen to those songs, and then I buy albums.

The only time I've ever downloaded an entire album is when I bought Megadeth's The System Has Failed, and then somehow lost the CD without losing the packaging.
I usually buy songs off of iTunes. I don't really recommend that for anyone else though.
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i never download of the internet. it just seems so "incomplete". i like having the actual CD and artwork.

yeah same
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Most of the time I just download a few songs by an artist to work out whether or not their albums are worthy buying. If I decide that they are, I go out and purchase an album.
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