but i really wanna learn some classical guitar songs that flow around the guitar, bcuz quite frankly, im sick of all the music i love being just a bunch of power chords and on occasiona lead riff. any ideas?(and im mainly into emo/hardcore music)

help meh. plleeeez =]
Canon in D is a cool classical piece, I am certain you will know it when you hear it, and was written for stringed instruments.

Search "Canon" to find it. The popular version (and easiest for guitar) is in the key of D
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erm how long have you been playing? any idea of standard? what do you think is the 'hardest' piece you can play atm?
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yes i mean tabs.

ive been playing for about three years, but ive been playing viola for six, so that helps. alot. the hardest thing ive played is like probably some chiodos and The Fall Of Troy. bands like the fall of troy gimme a challenge, if that guives u an idea...?
try bouree in E minor by bach, nice song

or if you want a bigger challegne go for tocatta and fugue in D minor
classical gas. Its not a "classical" song per se, but its pretty fast and will impress anyone you play it for.
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