I hope you all read this. I don't know if this has been done before. What threads are standard reading for all UGer's, new and old? If you have a post for me and all the others who might be interested, please attach a link for us. Thank you all in advance.
drug thread for me.
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is there a website with the location of dealers? i mean, i want to try weed for the first time, but none of my friends do it or anything, and i don't know where to get it. For safety purposes you might want to PM me.
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drug thread for me.

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Uh-oh. People might mistake you for a homosexual if you buy a purple pedal.

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You own an Rg2570E and you live in Australia I to you sir!
samnungs crab threads. ketchup_cums masturbation and clit thread

have fun shitting yourself
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Just look for the hot topics. Those are usually good.
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Come on, tell me you guys didn't enjoy the one where the guy was like "OMFG I just saw my grandma naked and I liked it" thread...he didn't word it exactly like that, but that was pretty much it. Good stuff.
Miss Scourge? PM me.

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isnt there an entire forum of the "best threads"?
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the one where the ohio emo kid shows his dick to some random girl raised a few laughs
Nothing really matters...

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I'm only responsible for the Korean jizz...

I never thought I'd say those words.

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Bahah, i just got BUTSECKS to work.