Ok so does john just use the big muff for this or is it his amp distortion? Also when he does the speed picking is he using a wah or phaser, im pretty sure he used a wah when i saw em live but anthony was standing right in front of him headbanging and whatnot so i couldnt tell. The tab says phaser.
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Big Muff on the solo, wah at the last bit.
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its a wah, 2 guitars, with slow modulation and a tiny bit of delay.
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i read in a magazine that it was his DS-2, not his big muff. he might use his big muff onstage though. he also layers the guitars so there's two on the solo, which makes it difficult to get his tone. at the last bit, he uses a wah.

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It seems like he uses a Big Muff. I play the solo with my Big Muff and it sounds great.
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Your never gonna sound like the CD. He used so many studio tricks and overdubs on the solo, its just nuts.

But there is a thread on here from a few weeks back that listed every song on their new album. Then it had John's description of how he composed every song, right down to the exact brand name effects. Search around.
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DS-2 on chorus and then Big Muff added to it. The end is definitely a wah, just watch some of the live versions of the song.
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I have a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion for a long time and it never dissapointed me. Now I'm thinking about buying a Big Muff USA for solos cause Ds-2 has almost no gain... I'm Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and that's what i mostly play...besides Frusciante Solo stuff... What do you think? I heard that Muff is great so any different opinions?
i use my big muff and phase 90, but i havent tried it with wah
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i read somewhere that frusciante used a fuzz factory in the studio, but uses a big muff live. dont remember where i read that, so it may not be reliable. just figured i would throw it out thee anyway.