im a huge John Mayer Fan(thus my name) and continuum is my favorite cd by him. id like to write a few songs that sound simlar to this cd and i don't where to start any tips/lessons/ideas please? anything is helpfull... thanks!
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didnt he die recently?

I proved that wrong to you in the chat.
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didnt he die recently?


You're an idiot. Still, no matter how many times I say it, I don't think it quite covers it.

Anyway, I'd suggest not trying to emulate Mayer. Take in his style, use it as an influence, but don't try to be him. It won't work.
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Sure it'll work. It won't be very original, but it'll be easier.
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Just learn all his stuff. Learn the types of chords he uses, and the way he solos. Once you get a firm grasp of how he writes and plays his songs, you can use that as a building block for writing and playing your own. If you want to sound like him, get yourself a nice strat and a decent amp. He runs alot of his stuff clean, but he also plays through low envelpoe filters. Or just stick with acoustic.
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Well John is very inspired by the blues. One of his favorite artists is SRV, so listen to some of him as well. But Johns style is his own. He would be very hard to emulate because every feels the music different. You also say that you want to write songs like those off of Continuum. Well thats no small feat, cause this guy has lyrics that make women weep. So your lyrics wont have as much punch as him because you are young and dont have much life experience. With saying this, it should encourage you in a way meaning that if you write a song, and its not as good as him, well thats the way it should be. If you wrote a song that you are happy with, then you did just as much as he did when he writes and is happy with it.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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Listen to Hendrix's lighter songs like
"Bold as Love","Little Wing","Castles Made of Sand" etc.... Learn the chords off of those.
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