I have a new guitar design that's completely original, and fairly avant guard, but I dont have the resources or time to build it. What I want to do is to collaborate with some guitar manufacturer and hopefully bring the instrument to fruition, but I need your ideas. Have any of you ever tried pitching an idea to a big company? or do you have any suggestions for how I should go about doing this? are their any companies that would be particularly open to new ideas? Any tips help, and thanks in advance.
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Build it yourself, it isn't hard at all. (Honestly, it isnt, it took me about 3 weeks, with a maximum of 7 hours each week (with a few minor setbacks) to finish)
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i agree. i also would post it to see if it has done before. im sure there's lots of designs you may not have seen. get some criticism.

and you know if you were doing a marcel hossa watch you wouldnt have to update it very frequently.
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I'd like to see pics, you don't have to show any if you don't want to though....

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Pardon my ignorance, but what is "Marcel Hossa"? I wiki'd it and it was some hockey player...? Also, how much would it cost to build a guitar yourself? I would need all of the tools, quality wood, pickups etc., it seems like it'd be way out of my budget. Lastly, I think the design is... pretty dang sweet and I think it'd climb the market pretty fast. I don't mean to brag but one can only hope to see his own guitar desgin in the hands of a guru screaming in front of thousands of drooling mouths, and in the hands of thousands of others. What guitar brands would be prone to accepting new, pushing-the-envelope, instrument ideas? and how would I approach them?
can u patent guitar designs? if u can u should do that, so the guitar companies dont just shrug u off and build it themselves.
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