Is it nessisary to get a PA system early on? I know most places have PA systems they let you use. But is it always good just to have one?

and I was also wondering what is a good PA system that doesnt cost 1,000$

I'm sorry if this thread is stupid.
our band bought a PA system, its a peavey system. two speakers, two subs and a box. its pretty nice and loud. i think it was like 4 grand new but we gota deal from the store for about 2 grand or so, they supported what we do. praising God's name he blessed us with one. but it is nice ot have. then you cna play whereever whenever, on your own equpment,s et to ur sound. ya know? good idea.not sure about brands tho sry.
You dont need to spend 1000 dollars on a PA i had a pretty nice set up with some JBL speakers and a 250 watt PA, it all cost like 600 bucks, you really dont need thatch just 2 speakers one to face the singer and another one to face the crowd, just look for good deals and whatever you do dont get Stageworks,.
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