So i just saw on TV that vista comes out (in australia at least) on the 30th. But what i can't seem to find out is what makes it so much better than XP. Anyone know?
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You also need a 64bit processor or something like that to run it

I might get it in a moment of insanity but other than then No i wouldnt get it
Windows Vista, has been designed with MEDIA and GAMING in mind, the operating system itself requires a dedicated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) with atleast 256mb of memory, Windows Vista also requires ATLEAST 2GB of RAM for optimal system performance, it is reccomended but not required to have an AMD X2 (x2=dual core) or an Intel Dual Core processor, or Intel Core 2 Duo, Windows Vista has brought in the new "DirectX 10" and only one(SO FAR) GPU supports DX10 which is Nvidia's 8800GTS/GTX, so if you love to edit videos with your computer, doing cool things with it, creativity your thing? do you like playing online games that require some high end hardware, you open to a more secure reliable O/S? well then WAIT atleast til the end of the year, when they have MOST things IRONED out in Vista, til all the bugs are found, all the security patches come out, then get Vista, until then just stick with XP

*note 64-bit processors only work with motherboards that support 64-bit technology, these processors are mostly found in servers or workstations, you do NOT need a 64-bit processor to run vista an Intel Pentium D dual core processor or Intel Core 2 Duo OR an AMD Athlon X2 processor will do just fine
if you have a computer that has 64 bit, dual core, or both windows vista is designed from the ground up with that in mind. The way XP works right now you have to trick your processor into using dual core, which is extremely stupid. So for using CPU intensive programs this is actually worth getting. If you're just checking e-mail and reading UG then save your money
Nice this means I can get a dirt cheap XP laptop for school.
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well today, multitask is what ppl do, have a music program running, countless messengers, download software, internet browsing, can really take up alot of space with 1gb of RAM, not to mention all the countless background processes the Operating System will take up, 2gigs will run it smoothly, dual core processors can really handle loads of executing multiple procresses/programs AT ONCE, although when it comes to performance RAM is what your really looking for

^^ RAM - Random Access Memory, its where everything is running, thats where all the performance comes from, as i press ctrl-alt-dlt and it brings up my windows task manager, i see that my internet browser "iexplorer.exe" is taking up 65,533kb which is equal to 65.5MB of my RAM, I have 2gb of ram so thats 65,533kb out of 2,000,000kb, really its 2048mb of Memory

remember a processor is the place where things start, not where they run (dont take that in all its meaning, just to give u an idea between the two lol) im tired..its 436am...goodnight lol
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ram is virtual memory. Basically it's like short term memory. (if you're doing a math problem you have to write down various things, the computer "writes" it down in ram. The more RAM the more calculations the computer can make)

This is a very crude explination.

Basically RAM makes your computer run faster
That's one example. Another would be if you're playing a video game. Let's say there's a bunch of bad guys coming to kill you, the computer has to do calculations for all of them. All of these numbers have to be stored somewhere.
partly right, but its not virtual memory.

its a volatile form of memory, in that the content gets erased on power off.

also, all the windows haters, please use vista before trying to give your pathetic reasons why it sucks. theres nothing wrong with xp (and vista no doubt) - you were abused as a child and like to think you're different by using linux.
no the words you're typing now get stored onto a hard drive on a server. If the words you typed were stored in YOUR ram we wouldn't see it. Also they'd erase once you turned off your computer