I just got this for 22 aus dollars, new, in the box, never been opened and wanna sell it on ebay.

how much could I get it for?

my friend is offering 420, but there is no way i am giving him it for that.
saw on the Allan's website that it was going for 22.95 and thought I'd take the opportunity and order it online. Did it, and now I got me a bass amp.
i would keep it... but thats just me... try get 500 off ur mate.. if you cant look around ebay for what they are selling at
but on ebay they would be selling it used, this amp hasn't been used. It is still in its sealed package. So it is kinda hard to find a good second hand price for something that hasnt even been opened.
Just sell it to your friend, you're getting an instant huge profit anyway.
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If you sell it to your friend, then you are already getting the most outta it.

1. You get huge profit.
2. You get the satisfaction of knowing you hooked your homie up.

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oh my.
you poor soul.
i'll go and slit my wrists for you so you dont have to.

3. Less Hassle. You might have to send it to the other side of Australia if you sell i over ebay.
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