Has anybody had any experience of this pedal? I'm considering buying it later on today, as GuitarGuitar are selling it for £40 (Reduced from £50). I'm also curious about the Boss SD-1 - It says it is an Distortion pedal in the description, yet it is called SuperOverdrive. And I already have a overdrive.

So yeah, which is better? Digitech DHH or the Boss SD-1??

DK Edit: I've figured I may be better buying the Boss DS-1 instead of the SD-1. So help me with comparing the Hot Head to the DS-1.
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I have a Ds-1, and they are good for what they say they do. Distort.
You can have crunch, to wierd space station noises, it's good.
No experience with the hot head though, but the DS-1 is good.
Thanks for the reply Jono. Would you say the DS-1 is good for Hard Rock like Guns N' Roses? Coz I pretty much play Hard Rock with some pop punk (Blink 182, Greenday, etc) and a little bit of metal (Barely any metal really, just need it to be able to distort highly).

Also guys, I have a budget of £40 max. And even then I need to buy myself a patch cable to hook it up to the rest of my pedals.
Well, just been - tried them out, and I loved the DS-1. So now that's in my arsenal.