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Yes! Muse is too good to pass up!
12 52%
No! The other bands smell like douche!
5 22%
I will buy you a ticket!
1 4%
Muse are overrated and are not worth $33.
5 22%
Voters: 23.
So the Virgin Music Festival is coming to town (Vancouver, Canada), and Muse is gonna be one of the bands playing...

In addition to MCR, Billy Talent, Hot Hot Heat, AFI and The Killers

The lineup is, tenatively,

Day 1: May 20th
Billy Talent

Day 2:
The Killers
Hot Hot Heat

Tickets for pre-sale (I'm a member of some radio station club, so I get access to tix a few days ahead) are about $33 CDN, but I don't know if it's worth it to see just one band - Muse.

I really have no interest in seeing MCR or Billy Talent really.

Should I pay $33 (and possibly more if my gf wants to come.. she likes Muse as well. That's the only non-r&b and pop band she listens to, thanks to me) just to see Muse? I don't even know how long their set is.

As a failsafe, I've also entered a contest so I have a chance of winning free tix to the show anyway.

What should I do?
$33CDN is a bargain for Muse. Thats like £16, which is cheaper than Britain. GO GO GO
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Man that's badass.

Muse suck. AFI wins for me. So tempted to see them in Edinburgh in April...
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I don't know what AFI are like live now days, but last time I saw them their set was amazing. Davy has an impressive stage presence and i've not seen energy to match them before either!