Wow, I liked that. Very catchy. Rather than list the good bits (most of it), I'll just be overly critical, as that should be more helpful. The bass in bars 3-4 (and whenever it repeats) is a good idea, but doesnt really work for me, so try and change that. The idea of having a bass line there is right, but perhaps give it a line thats something other than straight 8ths? The guitar lead from 13-16 is good in itself, but it then sounds strange when going back to the main riff. The solo from 53-60 isnt very good though. Once again its the right idea, but it needs to be more, it needs to stand out as the highlight of the song, but at the minute it doesnt. Overall its a very good song, really catchy, but it could be really good if you get those guitar leads right.

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