So Hey Guys
I Play In A Hardcore Band Is What They Like To Call It
And My Lead Singer Says My Riffs Are Too Metal
And Says To Make A Chord And Make Another And Repeat It Over And Over
And We Have A Song
He Got A Friend Of His Who Doesnt Play Anything To Be Our Bass Player
And Ive Relized How Much That Band Is A Joke
The Drummer Plays The Same Beat
The Screamer Cant Scream When He Screams You Cant Understand Anything
Sounds Like Hes Mumbling
And The Bass Player Cant Play
And I Guess He Says Im Too Metal And Not Hardcore
How Should I Quit This Joke Band And Form A Metal Band?
lol, i was in this EXACT situation like 3-4 months ago, alls ya gotta do is tell the fellas your headed in a different direction, ur not about playin "easy" or perhaps "boring" riffs and songs, if they're any kind of decent they'll get ya straight away and accept that people go different ways, but if they're tools then they'll sook n call u all kinds of profain things, but to be honest, u shuldn't let that shit phase ya.
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I Did tell them that and i guess play a chord and repeating it by breaking it down is hardcore
my drummersays playing thesame beat is hardcore
and the lead singer is a poser
he says my riffs sound too metal
and he goes to concerts just to mosh not for the music
and he thinks guitar solos are the gayest thing you can put in a song
he hates pantera led zeppelin metallica megadeth, slayer iron maiden trivium etc
he thinks old metal sucks and says they dont scream so there not good
i made a fast old school thrash metal song
and he said it was too fast and cause my drummer couldnt keep up
so he said it was crap
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Just say you're quitting beacuse of musical differences...
oh, and 'couse the lead singer is a dick!
...And the worms ate into his brain.
Stop typing like that. Stop putting random capitals where they dont belong, then perhaps i will read your post and care about you.
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Stop typing like that. Stop putting random capitals where they dont belong, then perhaps i will read your post and care about you.

Settle down, its just a little bit of poor grammer.

Don't have to get angry

Your as bad as that guy that wanted to punch me because I didnt have a ciggarette.

Oh by the way, your a ****
Yeah Man
They Wanna Get A Gig But Dont Know How To Write A Song
The Riffs Are So Boring And Dual
I Played Floods For Them And The Lead Singer Though It Was Too Soft
And Boring
There into That Hardcore Scene
My Singer Writes Lyrics That Are 3lines And Repeats Them
Hes The Biggest Joke Ive Ever Seen
I Told Him Hes A Dick Then He Wants To Replace Me And Put Me On Ryheme
He Says Im Too Good And Wants Beginner Who Can Play Easy Riffs
And Wants Me To Play Along WIth A Beginner
But Whats The Best Way To leave The Band Im Asking
Before A Gig leave?
Any Ideas?
and the lead singer Told Me To Stop Working Out
Cause he said looking buff and playing a guitar Doesnt Look Good
Only If Your Pure Skinny
your lead singer sounds like a collosal dick

if you wanna leave, just shout "i hope you all get penetrated by blue whales" then run out with a unicycle taped to your forehead

theyll be so confused that they wont even get pissed off
Yeah true man i dont need karma
im trying to form a new band but i cant seem to fnd a drummer
haha i should do that with the blue whale thats awsome haha

but the lead singer is a dick he tell me to drop the songs im learning on guitar
an write my own material
he gets pissed when my. my space gets more hits then the band
and he lets anybody join the band
the bass player has only played bass for one day
ahh any better tips guys on quiting
do i just form a pure thrash metal band and quit?
Just say to them, doesn't matter when, hey i'm going my own ways coz i think you guys don't need me. That or go you guys are utter shit i hate you and i'm leaving!

Just say you wanna do your own thing, doesnt matter if you have a band to go into straight away itll come with time.
Well this is how a quit my former band...

I had a big shit fight with the drummer.

then said to the bass player, who was a good friend of mine... "i don't want to be in the band anymore" he said "ok thats cool"

Dude, seriously it is very important to have good relationships within a band, they should be strong bonds. you dont have to take it to Best mates level, but that does help.

The band i'm in now www.myspace.com/greenroomthe PROMOTION!!! I love the band and love the people and most of all i love our music.

Oh and that bass player is in my band too, haha
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if you wanna leave, just shout "i hope you all get penetrated by blue whales" then run out with a unicycle taped to your forehead

theyll be so confused that they wont even get pissed off

i agree with this guy. i think they even make a special tape for facial application of unicycles.

btw threadstarter, can u please try and use paragraphs and less capitals, my eyes are kinda starting to hurt (not to be a dick or anything)
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Go in there angrier than Tool, Korn and NIN combined and tell that twerp poser off! Tell him that he said it himself, your too good for them, and that he's a retard for narrowing his musical taste to one specific genre of music.

Then go start your thrash metal band.
use your "gig" for a time to just rip off an hour long solo....

then be like, (to bassist) you were off key, tell the singer there were no words in that song(if he says anything), and tell the drummer he's too slow, then go hit on one of their girlfriends.....

They'll get the point lol...

seriously though, if they're being dicks, theres nothing wrong with giving it back to them.
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do EXACTLY what rock savior said.


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I cant remember what musician was talking about this but he was basically saying thatt your decision to stay in a band should be based upon a three point model.

The first point is People.
The second is Money.
and The third is material.

If any two of these points are positive about your band... you might want to stay.
If you really like the people you play with and the material you write... go ahead, stay in the band... If you hate the people, but the material is cool and you make money... stay. If the material sucks, but you make good money and like the people... stay...

If you only connect on one point, you should run fast.