Panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the Disco is super punx!!!!!!!!!
dude thats stupid i didnt even no they were back together or working on a new album
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Sometimes people say they don't like Operation Ivy. Those people are what we call liars.

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damn... oh,well.. that's life. no one can be expected to be happy all of the time.
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i don't care if this is closed, but i'd really like a blink182sgirl appreciation thread of some kind.

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well arent we just a _______ iunno

yes we are

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That Sucks - But how can they be Sham 69 without Jimmy Purssy? I mean the guy was Sham 69!

LOL - Panic! At the Disco - Prats!

^^ Aren't you a bit sarcastic for a pop bands fan!
Pursey's a bit of a nutter.

I've been told as much by more than one person who has met him.
If you'd like, you can read the account of Ian and Hank meeting him in "Get In The Van" and how they came away thinking he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

I know who they could get to replace him.
Ray Davies from the Kinks.

I've got a video of the Kinks from 1981, and Ray and Jimmy sound almost exactly alike, when they're belting it out to the back row.
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I don't like straight edge because it's part of Hardcore, and I don't like Hardcore because, aside from the terrible music, the kids are often very homophobic.

You forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful.