Alright, so I just read on another thread that the Ibanez INF1 PU is the worst pickup in history- is that right?
I have an INF3 Humbucker by the neck, INFS3 in the middle, and an INF4 Bridge Humbucker. What reputation do these have?

I'm also looking into upgrading the 3 SC pickups on my Strat ripoff. What brands/prices am I looking at?

Any help is appreciated; I don't know anything about pickups at the moment, maybe someone has a link to a general guide to pickups/brands or something?

If you are happy with the INFs then that's all that matters. In regard to replacing pickups, look at reviews on harmony central. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with bareknuckle pickups, although they are very expensive. Swineshead offer excellent value for money and loads of cutomisation options - worth a look!
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