Okay, the school's battle of the bands is coming up in 2 months and i dont know what to do. So basically, our band consists of :
-Lead Guitarists (Myself)
-A Rythm Guitarist
-A Lead Singer
-A Drummer
-A Bassist
Anyway, we play alternative rock stuff, and sometimes metal stuff like metallica (none of us are pro's except the drummer, the hardest metallica solo i can play is The Unforgiven II)

Now im confused about what songs we should play (we can play 2 songs max), we need something that attracts the girls, that way we can win the contest.
My question is, what songs should we play ????
Something along the lines of the New York Alternative sound, It's hard to pull off but the ladies love that stuff.
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Please, crit my song!
Vision at the Stairs
**** her Gently - Tenacious D as your second song. Your first song won't matter. Save **** her gently for second though or you'll get pulled off stage.
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica solos a sinch and its pretty cool
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idea of thye band is to play songs for fun. if u just want to impress girls..theres no point playing in a band . dont care if u will or not just get on the stage and play whatever u like. dnt change ur style just to impress some chicks . play something that you enjoy and can force people to like ur music . but i ll say play some orignal stuff
(I'm playing my first battle of the bands soon!!!)

Well, I suggest you sit at home, on non-practice time...

and WRITE.

Covers are usually boring.

TIP: It's a lot easier when you make an instrumental song and THEN add vocals.

Just keep it simple, and you'll do fine.