That song had a very 60s vibe to it. Your voice reminds me of Donovan. Donovan had a string of hits back in the 60s. You would sound great doing a cover of his song "Sunshine Superman". or "Mellow Yellow".

Also check out the group, Cyrkle from the 60s. The had 2 hits, Turn Down Day and Red Rubber Ball. They were a duo, but you could sing on 2 different tracks.

I like your song because it is different and retro, but sounds great!

i love the clapping and the lead that starts around 1:30 - best parts by far!
the rythm guitar for the verse and bridge is weak, HOWEVER, i love the guitar during the chorus - very cool chords
as far as the voice goes...good, could be better, but good
the lyrics are kinda lame too :/ sorry

thanks so much for the crit and i hoped I helped you out a little too!
i loved the opening riff and the lead and chorus were really good its really good keep it up
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Listened to both songs and liked both but especially your heart is our beatbox. It has a nice groove thingy to it and it's calm and relaxing. I like it. I think the voice fits the music very well. The solo though kinda has a insecure start or something after that it fits pretty well. Good job and keep it going !!
i though that was pretty good. i thought maybe you could have had longer choruses (maybe repeat the chorus the last time.. always works well ) and maybe shorter verses. but i liked the guitar riffs, and solo was pretty good. maybe sound a little less depressed on the singing but apart from that it was good.


thnx for the crit btw
Smexy. =]
catchy guitar riff at the start - i like it. your voice kind of grew on me, at first it seemed out of tune but it now it seems to suit the song well. kinda like the lyrics and chorus chords and clapping are cool. nice solo also, maybe a tad too long but otherwise pretty cool song. unusual.