I just got a ibanez RG2550, it's a great guitar but there's a something a little wrong about it: the volume knob is rather high (it's like a telecaster knob) and the whammy bar hits it so when i want to use it I have to move it from over the knob and it's pretty unconfortable and annoying. Is there something I can do about it without getting other knobs? And if I have to use different knobs, which ones would fit there (les paul, strat etc)? thx
or maybe buy a whammy bar that bends up more, or just bend your current one (not really recomended thoiugh)
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you could probably adjust your tremolo so that your whammy bar doesn't hit the knob, but im not sure how
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If you can put a spacer inside the wammy hole, that would make it tighten before it gets too deep and hits the knobs.
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you can open the back of the guitar, hold the back of the pot. loosen the nut on the pot stem. put less of the stem showing outside of the guitar. retighten the pot at that different location. pop the knob back on.

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^ and thats the way to do it.
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