Tried writing songs before and failed and I just finished this one a minute ago. I just came up with a load of 3 line rhyming parts that fitted with the children of bodom style I was going for then put them in the order I thought sounded best. Don’t know what the hell its about. Can anyone give me any tips for future songs or maybe a second verse.

Verse 1
Lets be friends
Never ends
You’ve got to much time to spend

Write it down
We wont drown
Fighting for the Christian crown

Time to fight
For what’s right
Warriors fill your line of sight

Run away
But you’ll pay
You will kill another day

Closing time
End the rhyme
Ill retrieve what should be mine

Take the stairs
Theirs less scares
Things that live in your nightmares


Come with me
I’ll show you ecstasy
You can be my queen
And we will never bleed
Try writing about a subject. As far as I can understand, this is just fragments put together?
Nothing wrong with it, but rhyme isn't everything. There are also different ways things can rhyme. Not every line has to rhyme.
i find it hard to find a subject that i really care about. i know it sounds stupid but im only 13 and i havent had any experiences that i feel strongly enough to seriously write about. im a pretty melow rocker so i dont feel any pure hatred or love for anyone so i cant write about that. any advice