i want an effects processor or amp modeler

i was leading to a Behringer V-amp 2 Modeler

i only have $126

and i was wantning somethign with a wide range-
the v-amp has like 16 effects and 32 distortions or some crazy number like tha
i think you should save uo for a Line 6 Pod. But If you your impatient (like me ) go with the behringer, just wtv you do dont go with zoom.
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what is your other gear??

I second black pick if he's talking about the XT live.... I wouldn't go with the behringer over it...
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umm 3 small amps, a peavey backstage i think like 26 watts, a 55 watt tranzamp and a 30 watt ibanez with a guv'nor pedal
and a standard fender strat
with an epi faded SG

im going to get a job this summer in construction so hopeufully i can get a new amp