I Cannot Seem To Connect Too The Internet (forcast,wii shop) and all this morning, anyone have this problem?
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yeah i did, but it turned out to be becuase i hadn't plugged in our internet cable
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Nor me. Which sucks as I want to download Mario Kart 64
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Just curious, in order to "surf the web" on that thing, how do you go about it, do you flail that controller in particular patterns, or what?
Dear God, do you actually answer prayers?

Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.
works perfectly fine for me. ^ basically you use the remote as a mouse, drag the page up and down while holding a button, and set a few favorites. So far its just a trial version, but think it works great.
What happened this morning was Nintendo were all "sha wa! zu qui wa mu shu!" which basically translates as "Calling all Mice! You better get running those damn mills we got, dont make us get pikachu on your ass!"
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