Name the craziest thing you've done or seen somebody do in person.
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I like my women like I like my Pop-tarts : dipped in blood and covered in a gay man's feces.

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I was drank half a bottle of mentholated spirit coz we ran out of booze. My mate's got a video of me trying to eat his drum kit shortly afterwards.
I wouldn't recommend it though, lots of vomiting was involved! I got to ride in an ambulance though
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
saw a dumb bitch spill HCl on her leg in Chemistry the other day. that was pretty funny.
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Cause if not, we'd peer pressure you till you cried.
Then we'd bro-rape you.

me and all my friends lit the rubber toecaps of our All-Stars on fire then walked down the street.....pretty cool.
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Obviously we should play the UG theme.

when i was on a plane back home from USA i saw a guy who went in he bathroom and after 10 minuets came out with no pants and just went back in his seat...acted natural....
preety crazy...
guy-get an ak-47 shoot him and blame it on his dog
man-he dont have one... can someone siriously help me?!
guy-just jack one froma local pet store. throw it in his yard. shoot him. duck tape the ak-14 to the dogs paw. run.. use gloves.
Me and a friend took a mortar shell for a firework thing, put it in a soup can, duct tapped it up, tied it to a 10 lb weight, lit it, nd threw it in the water at like 10:30 at night. Craziest thing ever.

At camp over the summer i saw this 10 year old middle eastern kid eat a used cigarette out of an ash tray for 40 $. He never got payed. I felt so sorry for the kid so i gave him 10$.
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