is there anyway to get guitar pro without paying i dont have a credit card let alone money so its kinda hard to purchase it
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Download it from Limewire.

yar har yar har a pirate's life fo' me!

yeah... that's the only way...it's also illegal. so do it if you feel like your not gonna be sued to hell, dont if you have my luck.
Google it. Torrent it. Make sure you have good anti-virus protection if you decide to pirate it. Be careful of what you download. Many are fake files that contain viruses. Pay attention to the size of the file. If it's less than 50MB for a program like Guitar Pro (5) it's probably a virus.

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Make sure if you're gonna do that get a file that includes a serial number...you'll need it. You'll never make it past the installation stage without the serial number.