A friend has this guitar which he bought about 3 years ago and payid like 470€(he knows the owner,normally bout 600 i think?) and i asked if he will sell it!he said that i should make an offer,now i want to know how much should i give him?The guitar has no scratches!!The colour is sth. like green and shines and it has 24 frets!sounds awesome and the tremolo is good too!

btw:i traded today my v-amp2 with ah hughnes&kettner blue edition15r,and bout 19 bucks!Good deal?The amp is just great!!

I think it was around $375-$400 USD new from shops, not sure online. Used ones go for around $200-$300, though I've seen some for the upper $100's.
RG270s suck. they have one of the worst LFRs ever put on a guitar....
ok,than this is no good choice bec. i like floyd roses..
and in which ways it sucks(the floyd)?
I would assume it can't hold a tune worth a crap. How much money do you have to spend?
i have 100€ and im gonna sell soon my epiphone for another 100 so i have 200€!
Btw. i am saving on a dean ml cbf in black or transbrasilliaburst!and i dont know i i should go for it or not!