Ok, well, I have to do a science fair project to pass science. I'm launching rubber bands of different dimensions by putting them over my middle finger and pulling them back to a certain point on my hand and releasing. I'm measuring how far they travel and kind of studying how the dimensions affect elasticity, tension, etc...

Anyways, I'm about done, I'm just finishing up the final touches on the report and I'm about to start the display board.


I don't have a title yet.


have something random to get folks attention, but not the usual stuff.
i vote for 'pink or brown?'
How good are my rubbers?
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well for mine, im putting guitar effects on the inside of a guitar as an invention (i'll put it up here later) and for the title we're putting "OH NO POTATOE!" just for the randomness of it.

then at the end of the conclusion we have "You're going to love it whether you like it or not!"

I'm gonna win for sure.
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'Spit or Swallow'

It does involve a slight adaption though...

Get a mannaquin and cut open her mouth, get the back of the head and cut it off. Have a white paper dart and using various elastic bands see which has enough power to get the dart out of the mouth, and how far out of the mouth it goes, and if the elastic band isn't powerful enough the dart will stay in the mouth. Then do all your measurements you had planned before using that.

It'll at least get attention and a few laughs.
I don't want totally random titles, but I don't want it to be "how does a rubber bands dimensions effect its elasticity..." either.

I'm considering Airborne! and You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!, but I don't really like either that much.

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burnin rubber?

"Burnin rubber" is kind of misleading, but you have the right idea. It's on topic, catchy, and not totally random. This is a good example of what I'm looking for, just a little less misleading.

good job and keep it up.
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