This is probably a really dumb question to ask but its kinda been bothering me. I've been playing for about a month now and my cord changes are good but I am having a really hard time strumming with my fingers and I guess strumming should be the easiest part of guitar but I cant seem to get it and I think strumming sounds better than a pick to strum with the fingers but i just cant seem to get it to sound right on the upstroke. I eithers botch the sound or like catch my finger on the bottem e string..... lol if this is too idiotic of a problem that's fine. just hope i could get some advice. Thanks
well alot of people star out not that great with everything and if you just give it some time you'll start to get a better feel for it but other than that im useless cause i learned with a pick :P
I hardly ever use a pick because I feel the same way about the sound when I play my acoustic.
But try this: Extend the other four fingers of your strum hand out and try planting/placing them somewhere below the sound hole of your guitar, but keep 'em somewhat relaxed. This will hopefully keep your thumb about the same height.

That should help with you catching the high e-string on the way up. That's what I go back to when I find myself having the same problem, afterwhile your strum will become more part of your muscle memory and you won't have to plant your hand on it to get a good sound.

Everything make sense? if not reply here and I'll try to be more vivid about what goes on.
i kinda see what you are saying...i've been trying to strum with my thumb and index finger the same way like im holding a pick just without one.... but on the upstroke i can't get it to sound right..maybe i'm doing it wrong
I strum with my thumb...just dont like the sound of a pick on an acoustic when I'm playing. I know alot of people use their index finger as a sort of pick but I find my thumb is just as good.

I tend to have my hand like this (minus the pick obviously) with my thumb out from my other fingers and on the upstrokes I tilt my hand towards me slightly to get a better contact with the strings. Maybe this will help you..I hope so

All things like this take is a bit of time and practice. You'll get it eventually if you just keep trying at it.

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Try using ur middle finger and ur ring finger , its what i use and pretty easy to do and good luck with ur strumming
strumming is best done with a pick, I suggest you learn how to use one even if you'll still primarily use your fingers. You could also use a hybrid picking technique, holding a pick with your thumb and index and finger picking with your middle, ring and pinky. Try using a thumb pick too.
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