Hello all... Im after a new elctric acoustic guitar for up to £400... I have a Yamaha F310 at the moment and only been playing about a year, learning myself but think its time to step up to a better guitar... I went to my local guitar shop today and saw a indie ihd300e that caught my eye... So when i got back home i typed it into google as i hadnt heard of the indie brand and hey presto i saw the Indie Tree of Life Acoustic Guitar ID30CE... I fell in love with it instantley and its also got a 5/5 rating of Total Guitar... So im wondering if any of you dudes out there own one or have ever had the pleasure of playing one and if you have let me no what you think of it as im considering buying one... So your opinions and help will be VERY VERY gratefull......
Thanx Kev... Please help
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