I recently fell in love with jem's and I was wondering, if I forked out the cash for a jem neck with the vine inlay would it fit on my rg321. And if I wanted to add a pickguard to my 321 would that work as well? I looked for jem bodies on that devil bidding site but I couldnt find any that werent really expensive. And if im going to spend that much I might as well save and buy a real jem. So does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do and what would work?
Find a luthier nearby where you live. Ask him if he is willing to make a copy of a JEM neck, and tell him that you are willing to pay for all of the parts, if all he would do is make it. The parts would probably be around 100ish (don't quote me on that, because I don't really know), and the labor would be probably another 100.
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Ok, has anyone ever had a neck cutom made? Just trying to find out usually how much it cost. Cuz what I would really rather do is take my stratocaster maple neck/fingerboard and add ebony vines to it. That would be sooooooooo nice. But I think ive emailed every luthier in the two state radius and none of them think they can do it. So does anyone know ANYWHERE that I can find someone who can put ebony vines on a maple strat neck? Or if all else fails just any fretboard/vine color scheme and ill paint my rg to match. And one more thing, since my rg is a hardtail would it matter if the jem neck has the space for the double locking nut at the top? Im lost as of right now so any info would be great!! Thanks alot guys!
yeah it should fit fine, if you check on ebay, they say "JEM/RG... neck" so i'm assuming they fit both
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It would probably be easier to get them to make the neck from stratch. That way you don't have to pay for shipping the neck to them, and you get a high quality neck.
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yeah I saw where it says jem/rg but then again most rgs have trems like jems. But since mine is a hardtail I didnt know if that would make a difference or not.