hey just a quick question... i dont know very much about this stuff, but i was wondering can you install a floyd rose tremolo guitar bridge into a regular guitar that doesnt have one? because the guitar i want doesnt have a whammy bar and i was just wondering if that can be done
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Yes, but it costs around $300 altogether. When added to the price of the guitar, you're better off just getting another guitar.
the installation costs and floyd rose bridge costs would be more expensive than purchasing a guitar with a floyd already fitted, so i would reccomend you buy a guitar with a floyd already fitted, he cheapest guitar with a decent trem would be th eibanez s470 which is around £330
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thats kool but i dont really want a bluesy guitar or anything.... im just lookin for a metal guitar with a whammy bar but im having a really hard time finding one
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i got a new guitar when i wanted something for metal i didnt want to mess up routing my old one pay someone alot to do it but most of the cheaper guiitars with floyd roses will be licensed
not all liscensed FRs are bad- the ibanez ones are considered LFRs and those can be pretty good.

kahler makes flat-mount FRs, but they're pretty pricey. however, no routing required.
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