i had to do some improvisations but i think its ok!
sounds awful cuz my gear is awful so you will excuse me

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I think that was definately a good effort. I think you could have added some nice vibrato on some of the bends though. Some pretty cool improvisation too. Nice try.
It was decent enough, cut back on the trebel and boost the bass, your tone isn't much.
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ive noticed how no one does the 3rd november rain solo, haha!
but you did a good job. there were a couple parts where your timing was kinda off u you slowed down. also, i agree i with that one person, too much treble!
great job!

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Its decent but for the amount of time you have been playing you should be able to play it better. Add more feeling to it and try and work on your tone...well you dont really have much tone thats the problem. Good try nonetheless.
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Bends, you seem to get this a lot but the bends are the part you need to work on most. And bass up your tone.
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Use more fingers when you bend, it gives you the advantage of having more control over your bend. You'll see a lot of your guitar heroes doing it. Instead of just bending with your ring finger, put the middle finger and index behind it and bend with all three fingers.

Your playing was rather choppy, but it wasn't terrible. You tone didn't help either, although it's not your fault you have an ugly tone. Well, at least I hope it isn't.

It's not really your knowledge of the song that let you down here, more your overall technique.

Practice and you'll nail it.

Good luck.
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Nice man I liked it!You only need to work a bit more on the bends. Try using three fingers and you'll defenitly gonna make it!
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