well, I just played my first show ever with my band at my school's "fun-night" thing. Everything went well except as soon as I said "hello" to the people watching the mic. had horrible feedback or something and started screeching. So everytime we turned the amp. back on and talked into it, it would screech again. We then switched amps and it still did it. So then we just had to turn it down so u couldn't hear the vocals very well. (we used a 50 watt peavey first, then a 30 watt fender and a PG-58 mic.) The funny thing is we had practiced non-stop from 4:00 to 7:00 and it didn't act up until we started actually playing!

If anyone knows how to fix this problem or even what the problem is, please reply!

You need to have the amp facing the opposite direction of the mic. Assuming you were using it like a PA main, you'd need to have the amp in front of the mic, not back by the guitar amp and drums.
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Wait, did you have the mic hooked up to an amp?
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The thing with schools is that they usually have very reflective surfaces for sound so there isn't too much sound being absorbed. The best thing to do though imo is place the amp somewhere ahead of the mic and angled so the sound doesn't reflect right back at it.
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yes i did.... is there something wrong w/ that??????

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Wait, did you have the mic hooked up to an amp?