I'm replacing the pickups in my Squier Strat and I have $135 to spend. I was looking at DiMarzio, Seymour Duncans, even GFS stuff. And then I found Lace. Has anyone used them and are they worth it?

I'm looking for S/S/S, maybe H/S/S.
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I got my strat used. The person who sold it had already put in a SD SL59-1 little ‘59 or SJBJ-1 jb jr. I don't know which one. And i dont care the thing is awesome. I love that little pickup. I think it's the only reason i keep the guitar around. Ok maybe the maple neck but definitely the pickup it's great.
You should get a Mexi strat and throw that Squier away.

Besides, if you want a better sound, look at different amps.
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