i just downloaded audacity yesterday but theres a few things id like help with:

1. How would i go about getting drums into it, i dont man recording them but just getting drums for backing into, say i had a backing track as mp3 wot would i do?

2. If i have just recorded the rhythm of a song is there no way i can hear the stuff ive just recorded while trying to record the lead part? cos i keep ending up slightly out of time either finishing a solo too early or late? hearing the rhythm would mean i could do this easily?
1) You could import it into Audacity by Project-import audio. Or you could play the track through your speakers and record that into Audacity.

2) You can change that too. Edit-preferences-Audio tab-Play track while recording a new one.
Audacity isn't really great for overdubs. For some odd reason the new track always ends up a little bit off from what's under it. If you want to overdub, I'd recommend REAPER.
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