What's the difference between a licenced floyd rose and an original floyd rose?
LFRs have varying quality, from the high-end ibanez to the low-end LTD ones. OFRs are made by the company floyd rose, and are always good.
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Well, pretty much, the person above me is right.

There are some nice LFR's that will stay in tune, but if you can afford a guitar with an OFR, get it.
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Most LFR's= crap made by the company who's selling the guitar
OFR= good, made by the Floyd Rose company

Most LFR's use cheap metal and are built to eventually crap out with the knife edges wearing out quickly after heavy use.(with the exception of the older Ibanez Edge and Lo Pro. Note: New Edge Pro's aren't licensed under floyd rose anymore)

OFR use stronger metals and its built to last quite a long time.
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