...a bass that would be best to play things like Tool and Incubus.
I need a bass that's under the £400 mark. It will be the first bass I buy, but I have previous knowledge of playing from playing other peoples basses.

I'm also wondering, if a multieffects pedal used for guitar would be able to be used for bass? I need to do multi octave effects that are found in a few Tool songs.

Cheers. : )
Anybody reading my post completely or am I just not making sense?

I have a BOSS ME50 multieffects pedal for guitar. Will it work for bass?
Bass: Ibanez SR500

Multieffects: Yes it'll work. Most of the effects will sound shit though.
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Aye. Well i'd be just using the ME-50 for expression pedal effects. I have a load of Amplitube presets, so i'd use my monitors as bass. I'm a lead guitarist, so I don't really have an interest in gigging with a bass, I just want it for session work.
Ibanez SRX700 is always good. and yes it will work.
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Justin Chancellor used to use Musicman Stingrays... so you could always go with one of those. But that's not under £400.

Maybe an Ibanez SR500.
Get one of the new Ibanez ATKs. I don't know how much they will be in dollars, but they should be about that price range and do the Stingray sound reasonably well. With the right effects it will sound very Tool.
Aye. Thank you for all your suggestions so far.

I think that my budget could be above £400, depending on if I can sell my JacksonDK2 or not. My local music shop has a Stingray, i'll try one out sometime, along with the Ibanez's mentioned.

Thanks for your help. : )
I play in a band with that kind of music a lot. I use an Epiphone EB-3 SG bass. It's a bit rock n roll but it has a medium gain, bassy pickup on the front and a high gain, more middy pickup at the back, its great.

Warwick basses with humbuckers also make a good sound. I use a Warwick Rock Bass with custom humbuckers itted
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boss me50b (bass version of the me50) has everything you need, even the +1 or -1 whammy expression pedal thing. it has synth , distortion, chorusreverbphaserflangerdelay and pretty much everything you can think of EXCEPT for amp modelling.
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