ok so ill probably get flamed and called stupid but i recently got to install my mbox mini2 which i got for christmas and i was recording all day with it. everythings fine except for i took the disk for pro tools le7, the 'ignition disc' and put it in. but nothing ran, that was fine so i went into the disc to look around. i found the file for BFD lite and went into it, i then found two files that i can run to install, so i did both. once they were both done i thought, 'cool, now im going to try out BFD lite'. but there was no shortcut, or menu for it in the programs window. i then went to were it installed and there was no main icon for running it. so what have i done? did it install and i just dont know were, or do i have to run it through pro tools? any help is appreciated. and ive already gone to the digi design site and siigned up to their forums and am waiting for a response so i thought ild ask here too. thanks..