Ok I may be flamed but I have no idea where to put this so i dont care....
Ive been thinking about ordering a mandolin. Ive been playing guitar for a few years and I was wondering if its a big transition. Also, can I tune it with a guitar tuner somehow?
you can tune it with a guitar tuner aslong as it has a mic on it. and swtiching to a mandolin isnt hard for a guitarist to do. youll only need to get used to the smaller fret spacing and different tuning, and doubled strings.
yea, my friend just got one, the main difference is the tuning, and theres not too many tabs and songs unless you listen to a lot of irish punk or stuff like that
I played mandolin for a few years before I started guitar. They're a lot of fun.
yea its easy and fun the only thing is you need to learn some new chord shapes
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Mandolins are way fun, I used to play one before I played guitar. I wonder if it's around here somewhere...

They're tuned like a violin, so the tuning goes GDAE from lowest to highest.
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You should probably be able to pick it up pretty quickly. I played the violin for 8 years before getting one, so I picked it up nearly as soon as I got it. They're good fun to mess about on too. What mandolin are you thinking of buying?
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