I was just playing my guitar, messing around, hoping for some good songwriting riffs to pop up, you know. I came up with this ascending bass-line-pick-pattern thing, I'm not sure if it's a song I've heard before that is just in the back of my mind.

It has happened to me before, you know, where I think I have written a riff but it turns out its really some song I heard once before, and later I hear the song again and I have to trash that riff that I wrote.

So, finally, I was hoping that if anybody recognized this riff they could tell me what song it is, so I don't use it in my song and get sued or something...

And if you like this riff and it's not really a song, PLEASE DON'T STEAL IT! THAT WOULD be LOW!

Hey, thanks, man! This riff will be perfect for this song I just wrote.
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