i'm lookin for some really really solid alt picking exercises, its my weakest thing right now, i can sweep perfectly, i can tap extremely well, but my alt picking lags behind speed wise

i do chromatics a bit now, not that much anymore, i need to get back into them though

and yes i understand that you can wank forever on mindless chromatics and never get anywhere, and i know a lot of theory, but im just looking for something thatll help my alt picking greatly, something that i can work on infinitely, some exercises that i can always push more
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the solo in bark at the moon has some alternate picking,just use the metronome and keep playing those runs and you'll get good
I have John Petrucci's "Rock Discipline" book, it's really helped my up/down-ing skills.

One of the early licks that I found most useful was as follows:


EDIT just FYI, fret that like a barre chord, and play it on different frets too.
As Danno said, thats a great exercise
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