So , I got this reasonable new bassplayer in the band , he hasn't been playing very long but he's very fanatic and learns pretty fast

He works fulltime , there's just a problem when it comes to gear...

He orders gear blindly , amps / bass guitar , pedals etc.

I went to the store today , and he almost bought a 300 dollar amp ' spare amp for home ?WTF'

So i told him not to do it , since he has only checked out some Behringer amps.

Now im not sure how Behringer is as an Bass brand , but I don't like them at all when it comes to guitar amps.

The thing is , that I could also not really recommend him any amp , since i don't know shit about bass amps but i'd like to give him some ' directions ' in what he should try and test .

His budget is about 800-900 euro's

Personally I thought Ampeg was a nice bass-amp-brand , but im not quite sure.
What's Ashdown like? heard that pretty much too...' Fallen Angel' i believe?

Oh yeah we're pretty versatile when it comes to playing with the band , but more on the side of Hardrock/ Metal

Could you guys recommend some amps he should check out (if need suggest a more expensive amp if it's really worth it) and if possible give a link with some Soundclips (youtube/harmony central ..whatever :P)

Ampeg are amazing bass amps,
If he can get a head & cab of that brand he'll be set for life.
The price you pay is what will last forever.

Trace Elliot are THE amps in bass playing IMO though.
They are expensive, but there quality is amazing.

If not check out the Fender Rumble combos.
They go quite cheap sometimes.
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Thanks , yeah i saw Trace Elliot amps at the store today too , it sounded familiar...heard about them before , didn't check the prices though

anyways thanks for your help.

any ampeg /trace elliot series he should stay away from?

(let's say like...MG serie from Marshall) ?
Trace are great, so are marshall.
I dont know the euro conversion rate to sterling, so i cant help ya.

www.thomann.de - lots of basses and bass amps on there in euros for ya :P
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GK amps are great

and so are SWR, and my personal favourite David Eden
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rumble 100 is a great amp. and it has the built in DI so you can play gigs w/ a PA

built in DI ? what does DI stand for?
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built in DI ? what does DI stand for?

direct input
me thinks
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For good amps, Ampeg does make very good amps. Ashdown does too, but the Fallen Angel series he should stay away from (they're guitar amps). I've been looking at an Ashdown MAG, which should be within your bassist's price range.

I've also heard good things about Gallien-Krueger, Trace-Elliot, and Eden, but those amps are really expensive.

If he wants a good amp for a good price, Ashdown is probably the way to go.
Ashdown MAG's are nice amps for the money, I've been impressed with them so far

I'm not sure if you guys can get Traynor's over there, but they're solid amps with really nice tone. 12AX7 Tube preamp built in (some people like it, some don't)

I'm not a huge fan of Trace Elliots, but you can't go wrong with Ampeg
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i would say for bass the top brands atm are (in no particular order)
Gallien Krueger
Trace Elliot

if you look around the bass world, there are few other amps meeting big stages around the world. Laney and Marshall and Peavey all make good bass amps too, but are claiming the fame from their Guitar Amps. If my ampeg was stolen I would sell the car for another one.
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i was talking bout proper fender bass amps, the rumbles are really just practice amps or for very small gigs, all though their tone is very good indeed, and the flashing lights are strangely cool

the proper Fender new bassman comes as a seperate pre-amp and power amp, and is all rackmounted together, to give bassists the option of using a different power amp for more / less wattage, or, like me, multiple pre-amps to get different tones, and patch them into the power amp using a patch bay

the cabs are also good from fender bassman. i had a play with the 100 watt bass man combo though it was a let down to the rest of the series.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass
Ampeg SVT-III Head
90's Laney Custom 1x15 300watt Cab
Ibanez Tube Screamer
70's Jen Electronics (now Jim Dunlop) Cry Baby Standard
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Arbiter Fuzz Face
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