in about 4 hours i will be playing live for the first time at a battle of the bands at my school. we drew names out of a hat and were named the evil kicking bunnies and the childish pudding pop. were playing we will rock you then a jam thing then. this sopng called schizo which is aboust killing kittens and pushing old ladies into buy city streets. i'm a little nervous because by having to sing we will rock you for my first thing ever live its sort of like having to dive headfirst into icy water. i'm just going to do my best. just wanted to say that or whatever. wish me luck.

oh also a bandleading question. i can be assertive when i need to be but i always feel bad telling people what to do. how can i be more assertive without sounding like an asshole?

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explain y ur asking people to do things, they'll understand better
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Well Good Luck at the show, My response on the assertive thing is well, i know exacly what your talking about i have faced similar problems, But as you get comfortable with people it will be easier, but if its something that needs to be said say it and tell them they should say what they think to, Becuase if you done you end up how metallica is now lol you dont want that...
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just think of it this way, if you don't tell people what to do, they'll tell you what to do

x2 You've got to straight up take the lead and make decisions or someone else will. It's how born leaders are. Alot of times the majority of people are waiting on someone to make a decision. Ever gone to eat with a bunch of friends? "this sounds good, so does this, etc etc....well what do you want to do?" You will notice the natural leader will speak up and make a decision for the group the majority of the time. Just man up, tell people what to do, and if they get angry at you, so what. Noone likes to be told what to do but if noone was ever told, nothing would ever get done. Now just DO IT
maybe change your band name............... seriously man.
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