Would you say learning how all the notes are arranged across the fretboard is the biggest asset to becoming a great soloist/scale player??

Like, will it help when playing scales in massive amounts?
I dont think it will help you with playing scales. But it will definitely help you when writing songs. Even if you dont know the notes for the frets, but you know the sounds it will help.

Like, I dont know the notes of the frets right off the top of my head. But I can tell you that if I play chords with roots at the 7th fret, 11th, 4th and 2nd, like that. It will sound good. That sort of thing helps.

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you dont necessarilly need to know all the notes, patterns are good too. like the E pentatonic is the same everywhere except when u get to that b string then you just gotta raise it a half step. also for instance if im playing an E somewhere on the fretboard then right below it is A and so forth (again the b string is a half step off). knowing this will help you know the notes without trying to memorize the fretboard.
It helps if you learn scales in terms of how they are constructed using their intervals and all that jazz. Not so much if you're gonna learn box shapes (which some say isn't the right way to go about learning scales.)